Vestment Sewing Notions

Vestment sewing notions such as needles and thread are probably some of the last things you think about when purchasing vestment supplies. But good quality notions will make a huge difference between a project that goes smoothly and pleasantly, and a frustrating time that will make you ready to throw your machine out the window.

To make sure your sewing experience is a positive one, here are a few pointers about notions.


While you're at the fabric store purchasing your fabric and sewing notions, pick up a packet of sewing machine needles of different sizes. That way you'll be sure to have the right size needle on hand for your project.

How to Determine the Right Size

If your needle is too small, it will break on the fabric (assuming you haven't stitched over a pin). Because vestment fabric is usually thin, typically the problem is not a needle that is too small, but rather one that is too large for the project.

If the seam draws up, or if the machine skips stitches, then you need to switch to a smaller-sized needle. Check the back of your package of needles for a guideline as to which machine needle size to use.


Good quality thread is absolutely crucial for a successful project. Mom always uses Coats and Clarke thread. But what do you do if Coats and Clarke isn't available?

Finding a Good Quality Thread

To determine a good quality spool of thread when purchasing your vestment sewing notions, pick up a spool and look at it carefully. A poor quality thread will be made with short fibers that have bits of fuzz on them. This type of thread will spell trouble for your project and your machine.

Not only will it fray and break easily, it will also deposit bits of lint in your machine that will clog it up over time.

That cheap spool of thread may have cost you less at the store, but will end up costing you more in lost time and frustration.

Instead, search for a polyester or cotton-covered polyester thread, especially if you plan to use the rayon or rayon-acetate blends of fabrics.

If you plan to make your vestments out of cotton (Mom's priest insisted on a cooler cotton fabric for one of his vestment sets), then use mercerized cotton thread.

If you plan to work with silk, then use a silk thread or a polyester or cotton-covered polyester thread as part of your vestment sewing notions.

Ready to Start Sewing?

Learn these vestment sewing basics before starting to get you off on the right start.

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