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vestment sewing, Issue #004 -- Working with Other Fabrics
July 28, 2010

Working With Other Fabrics

When we make our custom-made vestment sets, we typically work with a rayon/polyester blend brocade fabric and use satin for the lining. But what if you want to use something different? How hard is it to work with a muslin lining instead?

We were recently contacted by a reader who is planning to make a custom stole out of muslin with children’s handprints painted on. Is muslin any harder to work with, the reader wanted to know?

The answer is that muslin is just as easy to work with as satin, although you will still have to hand-stitch around the edges. We have never had luck getting a stole to hang properly if sewn on the machine. But otherwise, a stole made of cotton or muslin will work just fine.

For tips on making a stole, click here.

Take Your Sewing to the Next Level

Do you have a passion for sewing? Passion is the secret of success especially when it comes to your own home business. If you've been searching for a way to make money at home, consider opening your own vestment sewing business. There is a true need for reasonably priced vestments. Many small churches can't afford the high-priced vestments available from the traditional vendors.

Lynne Green, our professional vestment-maker, got her start by making vestment sets and selling them on eBay. But before you quit your day job, do your homework. Come up with a business plan and make reasonable, achievable goals for yourself. Buy your fabric in bulk to save money and look carefully at ways to cut costs. Keep at it, and you'll be achieving your goal of working from home before you know it.

Great Products Available at Everything Vestment

Save money by purchasing our bulk fabrics! We now have beautiful fabrics for as low as $5 per yard plus shipping when bought in 25 yard-length pieces. These gorgeous brocades are in an assortment of fabrics, from polyester/cotton, rayon and rayon/polyester blends. To see all our beautiful bulk fabrics, click here.

Vestment Kits for Ease and Savings!

Purchase our vestment kits in your choice of green, red, white or purple, and you'll get everything you need to make a full vestment set, including the chasuble, stole, maniple, burse and veil. Plus, by purchasing the kit, you get everything at 15% off. Click here to learn more:

Beautiful Hand-Stitched Stoles at a Great Price

Our hand-stitched stoles are made by vestment artist Lynne Green and come in a variety of colors. Starting at just $39.95, they can't be beat! You can see our beautiful stoles by clicking here.

Thanks so for stopping by, and may God bless you richly.

The ladies from Everything

Lynne Green
Sue Merriam

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