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vestment sewing, Issue #001 --, How to Sew Vestments, is here!
March 13, 2009

How to Sew Vestments Ė The Book is Now Available!

This handy guide provides you all the information you need to design your own custom-fit patterns and make a full gothic vestment set, including the chasuble, burse, maniple, veil and stole. All of our step by step instructions from the website, plus bonus materials not found anywhere else. At $17.95, this book is half the price of our vestment patterns. To learn more, click here.

Vestment Patterns for Sale!

Not only do we sell patterns for a full vestment set, we also sell patterns for the alb, deaconís stole and dalmatic. Our patterns come with detailed instructions and take the guesswork out of making vestments. Click here to learn more.

Beautiful Banding Available for Sale

Our prices canít be beat! We have vestment banding in the traditional colors of red, green, purple, white and even blue. Click here to see our selection.

Custom Vestment Sets Are Also Available

We have full Gothic sets, including the chasuble, stole, maniple, burse in veil in black, white, green, purple/gold and violet purple. All can be purchased through Pay Pal, which accepts all major credit cards.

Confused About Vestment Sewing Notions?

Vestment sewing notions such as needles and thread are probably some of the last things you think about when purchasing vestment supplies. But good quality notions will make a huge difference between a project that goes smoothly and pleasantly, and a frustrating time that will make you ready to throw in the towel. Learn more here.

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