Vestment Fabric

Vestment fabric choice is crucial to making the right vestment set for your priest or church. Traditionally vestments were made from silk, but silk is beyond the budget of many small churches. Fortunately, rayon brocade is both affordable and beautiful. Rayon brocade is made from man-made fibers of cellulose acetate. This acetate yarn has a rich and silky look and feel, resists wrinkles, and is less likely to fade than other fabrics.

This fabric is woven on a Jacquard loom, giving the fabric's design a raised appearance in a satin weave on a satiny background.

Washing tips: This is a delicate fabric and should be hand washed only in cold water. It should be line dried or laid flat to dry. Do not put this fabric in the dryer. Also do not use fabric conditioners, starch or dryer sheets on this fabric as it could cause discoloration. You can press this fabric while it is still damp on the wrong side with a cool iron. Store garments made from this fabric clean.

What Do You Plan on Making?

In order to make a full vestment set, you will need four yards of material.

To make a chasuble, you will need three and a half yards of fabric.

To make a stole, you will need about one yard of fabric.

Black Cross Vestment Fabric

This cotton brocade fabric has a cross design, and is machine washable. It is 62 inches wide and is machine washable. To purchase this fabric, click here.

Green Cross Fabric

This green cotton brocade fabric is 62 inches wide and is machine washable. This fabric is unavailable at this time. 

Purple Vestment Fabric

This rayon cotton brocade blend fabric is 62 inches wide. To learn more or to purchase, click here.

Red Vestment Fabric

The picture doesn't do this beautiful fabric justice. This is a gorgeous red rayon cotton brocade fabric that is 62 inches wide. To learn more or to purchase, click here.

White Vestment Fabric

This beautiful white fabric is a rayon acetate damask that is 62 inches wide. To learn more or to purchase, click here. This fabric is not available at this time.

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