Vestment Burse
How to Make One

Making the vestment burse may seem like a challenge to you, but once you learn the basic steps, it is really quite simple to make a burse. But unlike making the rest of the vestment set, it does involve all hand sewing.

Looking for a Burse Pattern?

You can purchase a burse and veil pattern by clicking here.

What is a Burse?

Essentially, the burse is a flat, square book that is made from fabric that holds the corporal.

Okay, So What is the Corporal?

The corporal is a square white linen cloth, that is usually smaller than the size of the altar. During the celebration of Mass, the corporal is spread out on the altar, and the Sacred Host and chalice are placed on top. No one is certain when the practice of using both an altar cloth and the corporal came into practice, but the corporal itself has been in use since the earliest days of Christianity.

The veil is then laid on top of the chalice, and the burse is set on top of the veil. The vestment burse is used to carry the corporal to and from the altar. The burse is the same color as the vestments.

The chalice is placed on top of the corporal (not pictured) and then the veil is laid on top of the chalice, and the burse is on top of the chalice.

So How Do We Make a Vestment Burse?

In addition to your vestment fabric and satin, you will also need two burse boards and a piece of quilt batting that is approximately 11 inches wide by 18 inches long. Please note: If you are ordering the vestment set kit, two burse boards come with your set.

You will need to cut a piece of liturgical fabric that is 12 inches wide by 19 inches long.

Next you will need to add the padding to the liturgical fabric, wrong sides together (or at least to the wrong side of the liturgical fabric).

Then using clear mailing tape, tape the liturgical fabric to the boards, as shown above.

Then pin the corners down, folding in the edges of the fabric to form four corners.

Then, wrong sides together, pin the satin onto the burse, covering the boards. Fold the ragged edges of the satin underneath, tucking them between the satin and the boards. Then hand-stitch the liturgical fabric and the satin together, holding everything in place.

Looking for Burse Boards?

You can purchase burse boards by clicking here.

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