Vestment Stole in Your Choice of Colors

Vestment stole in your choice of color is now available from Everything Vestment. You can have your stole in your choice of red, green, white, purple or black. Our professional seamstress does the work for you at a reasonable price.

We provide not only custom-made Gothic stoles, but also custom-made deacon's stoles, custom-made chasubles and custom-made full vestment sets.

We use rayon, liturgical fabric and satin to make our stoles. The stoles are decorated with gold embroidered crosses.

The word stole comes from the Latin word stola which means garment. It is worn by the minister as he or she leads in prayer. Sometimes the stole is called an orarium. It is sometimes linked to the napkin used by Christ in washing the feet of his disciples and is a symbol of the yoke of Christ and the yoke of service.

Have a Custom Vestment Stole Made

You can order a custom-made stole in your choice of colors from Everything Vestment!

All of our gorgeous stoles are made from the brocade of your choice pictured below and lined with matching satin.

Full length is 95 inches from end to end. The ends of the stole have 3-inch bright gold or antique fringe.

There is also a one-inch accented gold embroidered cross located at the center of the stole. Both ends of the stole are decorated with a gold embroidered cross.

Not only do you get your choice of colors, but you also get a choice of either a traditional Roman cross or a square cross.

Allow Two Weeks

Our custom-made stoles are made to order, so please allow two weeks for these stoles to be completed and shipped out.You will be notified promptly if your custom order will take longer than two weeks.

If you would like to order a custom made stole, please send an email to our seamstress, here. Please include you fabric color choice and your cross choice.

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