Vestment Stole Kit for Sale

Vestment stole kit for sale. This kit has everything you need to make a gorgeous vestment stole. The kit includes instructions, a pattern, sufficient vestment fabric, canvas inset, lining, embroidered crosses and fringe.

This rich stole is made from a beautiful vestment fabric and lined with matching satin. Full length is 95 inches from end to end. The ends of the stole have 3-inch gold fringe. There is also a one-inch accented gold embroidered cross located at the center of the stole. Both ends of the stole are decorated with a gold embroidered cross.

This kit is available in the colors of red (shown), purple, white, green and black.

If you or someone you know have sewing skills, this stole kit is a great way to have a beautiful stole and save money. A handmade stole is a great gift for your favorite priest or minister.

To Purchase this kit, click here.

Need a Deacon's Stole?

We also provide kits for making a deacon's stole, again in your choice of red, white, green, purple or black. Each kit comes with a pattern, liturgical fabric, canvas inset, matching satin for lining, and crosses for decoration.

To Purchase a Deacon's Stole Kit, click here:

How About a Full Vestment Set?

If you need to make a full vestment set, you can purchase a vestment set kit. Learn more or purchase one of these kits by clicking here.

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