Vestment Set Custom Made
to Your Specifications

Vestment set custom made to your specifications is available for sale from Everything Vestment.  Our expert seamstress Lynne Green will make a fully lined set in red, green, white, purple or black with your choice of trim.

This custom made set includes not only a chasuble and stole (pictured right) but also a maniple, burse and veil.

We'll be happy to add your choice of trim, including an emblem or other vesica as well as trim.  Simply contact us with your requests when you place your order.

Whether you need a chasuble that is extra large or size petite, we can work with you to provide you with the set that works best for you.

All of the pieces in this set are fully lined with matching satin.

Please contact us for pricing.

Details About Our Vestment Set

The finished chasuble, size regular, is approximately 43 inches long, 54 inches wide, and fits most people. 

The plus-sized chasuble is 45 inches long and 58 inches wide.

Are You a Do It Your Self-er?

That is what this website is geared toward!  We provide helpful tips on sewing a chasuble, burse and stole.  We also provide patterns and the fabric and trim you need.

Or just make it easy on yourself and order one of our kits.  That way, you can save both time and money.

Whether you want to take the project on yourself or want our expert seamstress to help, we provide you with what you need.  We are truly Everything Vestment.

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