Sewing Vestments - How to Make the Stole and Maniple

Sewing vestments isn't a complicated process, but to make a stole and maniple does involve a few tricks to make a professional-looking vestment set. Here are the steps, along with a few secrets to make your project a success.

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Please Note:

The process for making the maniple is exactly the same as that of the stole. However, the maniple will be easier, since it is a straight piece - unlike the stole, which is curved. Because the stole is a bit trickier, we'll be demonstrating how to make a stole.

Start by cutting out the stole. Leave yourself plenty of room for a seam allowance, so cut a good two inches out from the pattern as pictured above. You will also need to cut two pieces of canvas the exact size of the pattern piece.

Then fold a piece of your satin lengthwise, to cut out your stole lining.

As you cut the lining of your stole, not only give yourself an inch around the pattern, but also give yourself a generous three to four inches at the bottom of the stole. Satin tends to pucker when it’s being stitched. By giving yourself plenty of material at the bottom, you ensure that you don’t run out of material.

With right sides together, stitch the stole material, the two canvas pieces and lining pieces together at the neck. When you have finished stitching the satin lining pieces, edge stitch them to keep the seam from unraveling, as the picture below indicates.

Then you will need to pin the stole piece to the stitched interfacing, wrong sides together. On the inside of the curve, you will need to cut several notches so that the fabric doesn’t bunch together. Hand-baste the stole fabric to the interfacing.

Now pin the stole lining to the stole wrong sides together as shown in the picture below. Once the lining is pinned into place, hand stitch the lining into place.Once you are finished hand-stitching the lining in place, hand-stitch the trim on the edges, and you’re done with another important piece of sewing vestments.

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