Sew an Alb

Learning to sew an alb isn't complicated, but there are a few tricks to getting it right. By following these step by step instructions, you can prepare an alb for your vestment sets.

What You'll Need

To sew an alb, you'll need approximately four yards of muslin or cotton material that is 60 inches wide. In addition, you will need white polyester/cotton thread.

You will also need a pattern.

Please Note: In making this alb, I am using the alb pattern available from our vestment store.

Cutting Out the Pieces

The fabric should already come pre-folded crosswise.

Fold it again lengthwise so that you have folds on two sides of the fabric, as shown in the diagram on the right:

Then pin the alb pattern onto the fabric according to the directions on the pattern.

Now unfold the alb. It should look like this:

Stitching the Alb

Next you will need to hem the sleeves. Fold over and press one quarter of a inch of material on the sleeve edges, and then fold over and press it again so that you have a finished edge. Then pin it in place.

Next, you will need to do the side seams. With right sides together, pin the sides of the alb together.

Then stitch. Clip the curves.

Then press the seams open.

Next you will need to attach the hood. If you have not yet done so, cut the hood from material that has been folded twice, both crosswise and lengthwise.

Then stitch the hood, right sides together, on three sides, as shown in the diagram on the left:

Clip the curves and the corners, and then turn the fabric right side out and press it.

Now take this piece and fold it in half, so that it resembles the drawing on the left:

Stitch it together at the top.

Now you need to attach the hood to your alb. With right sides together, pin one side of the hood to the neck opening and stitch, as shown on the right:

Clip the curves and press the seam upward, toward the hood. Stitch the two remaining open ends of the hood together, right sides together.


Then hem the lower edge of the alb.

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