How to Sew a Mitre

Sew a mitre using these step by step instructions using this pattern

You can purchase a mitre pattern from our store by clicking here.

1.  Place your mitre pattern on your folded fabric so that you cut two of them.

2.  Also cut a piece of interfacing - the pattern piece is called insert.

3.  Then cut one of the gusset pieces and two of the other pieces in satin.

4.  Place the mitre interfacing pieces on the mitre pieces cut out of brocade wrong sides together.  Glue in place.

5.  Pin the overlapping edges of the mitre piece over the interfacing and pin in place.  Leave for now.

Also pin the two lappet pieces to the two satin pieces right sides together.  Pin in place.  Stitch.

6.  Stitch the lappet pieces together leaving one end open.  Clip the corners.

7.  Turn the lappet pieces right side out.

8.  Press the two lappet pieces.

9.  Pin the two lappet pieces to the wrong side of the mitre piece as shown.

10.  Place the satin mitre pieces on the brocade/interfacing mitre pieces wrong sides together.  Pin in place

11.  Stitch trim to the right side of the brocade mitre pieces.  Stitch in place.

12.  Slip stitch the two brocade mitre pieces together.

13.    The end result will look like this.

14.  Then add the gosset.

Pin it into place between the tops of the two mitre pieces as shown.

Slipstitch in place.

Purchase a Mitre Pattern by Clicking Here.

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