Online Vestment Fundraiser
How to Profit From the Web

An online vestment fundraiser is a great way to not only raise funds for a vestment set, but also a great online business to support yourself while you pursue serving the Lord.

Is This You?

You are pastor of a small church or a mission church that can't afford to pay you a salary. You are working somewhere full time, but would like to have a source of income that would also give you the freedom to pursue your mission work. You would benefit from an online vestment fundraiser.

Or...Is This You?

You are pastor of a medium or large-sized church that can afford to pay you a salary, but there are other things you'd like to pursue, such as missionary work. You, too, would benefit from an online vestment fundraiser.


Just building a website isn't going to cut it. For example, lots of people set up blogs and even pour lots of work into it, only to find that few people read it, and they can't make a dime off it.

Even worse are those who actually hire a webmaster or spend hours themselves building a website and still get virtually no traffic.

Has This Happened to You?

It happened to us. About four years ago, I built a website for my mom's vestment business using one of those free hosting programs, and over the course of a year, I got about four visitors. This is not the way to build a successful online fundraiser.

Our Success Story

Then, a year ago, I stumbled onto Site Build It. The more I researched it, the more it made sense to me. So I signed up and build a website about my passion for homesteading. After one year I have close to 200 unique visitors a day, and my website is steadily growing.

So then, I suggested to mom we try again - this time promoting mom's vestment business through Site Build It. The result is this website, a daily stream of traffic that is growing and a profitable online business that is also growing, after just eight short months.

No, SBI is not a way to get rich quickly or a way to "make thousands from your website in just six weeks" (in fact, if you do see an offer like that, run!). Instead, SBI founder Ken Evoy's motto is Slow and Steady Wins the Race. It's true in life, and it's also true with your online vestment fundraiser.

So What Can You Do With Your
Online Vestment Fundraiser?

The list is endless, but here's just a few things:

  • Ask for donations
  • Let people know what's going on with your minstry
  • Reach thousands of people you would never reach otherwise
  • Explain your passion
  • Raise funds for your ministry
  • Sell goods off your site, such as a book about your ministry, t-shirst, etc.

Want to Hear Other Success Stories?

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What Does SBI Mean?

Think freedom, self-reliance, joy of living, passion and all the things that really matter. Pictures can be worth a thousand words. To see some powerful pictures that show the power of Solo Build It, click here.

Solo Build It Generates True Passion

People love Solo Build It so much, they've made their own videos about it. Check them out by clicking here.

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