A Low Cost Vestment
Doesn't Have to Mean Poor Quality

Finding a low cost vestment is a top priority for many churches today, especially with the tough economy and a limited source of funds. If you need a full vestment set, but don't have a lot of money, here are some ways to cut costs while still obtaining quality vestments for your church.

Make it Yourself

Obtain a pattern, check out our section on how to make vestments, and pull out your sewing machine. A full vestment set from one of the pricier vestment stores can cost up to thousands of dollars, while a low cost vestment set you make yourself can cost you as little as a couple of hundred dollars.

Look For Lower Priced Fabrics

The less costly fabrics don't have to mean cheap vestment sets. Polyester has come a long way over the years from that hot, stretchy stuff we knew in the seventies to sleek, cool and sturdy fabric that can also be quite beautiful. Or if you are looking for a cooler vestment, consider some of the polyester/cotton blends available at fabric and craft stores. These days, you really don't need pricey fabric to make a beautiful set. You can find some good priced fabric here.

The Same Goes For Trim

Vestment banding can be costly. Look instead for trim at fabric and hobby stores. Sometimes you can get lucky and find something similar to the vestment banding you find in those pricey catalogues at a fraction of the cost. You can also find trim here.

Go Online

Check out sites such as Craig's List or eBay. People will frequently list unusual fabrics and trims there, sometimes at a fabulous price. You may have to devote some time and patience to this, but the wait could mean substantial savings to you and a high quality, low cost vestment.

Get a Pattern

You can find a vestment set pattern, Gothic stole pattern, deacon's stole pattern, alb pattern, cope pattern and mitre pattern by clicking here.

Choose the Right Thread

It's understandable that you want to save as much money possible, but don't cut corners when it comes to purchasing your thread. A good quality thread may cost a couple of dollars more, but will eliminate waste in the long run. Think far less botched stitching that has to be ripped out and redone.

Clean Your Machine

While you're purchasing your thread, also buy a can of sewing machine oil and clean your machine thoroughly before you begin. Your time is just as precious as your money. Utilize that time wisely by cleaning your machine now preventing lint clogs later on that could cost you hours in frustration and time while making your vestments.

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