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Everything Vestment Is Everything You Wanted To Know About Liturgical Wear, But Were Afraid To Ask

Okay, so maybe you weren’t afraid to ask. (After all, that’s why you’re here…right?) But still you might find the prospect of finding liturgical sets for your small church a bit daunting.

Go to a traditional supply place and the cost is exorbitant. Thousands of dollars for a single set. Yikes!

So now you’re thinking of making them yourself. But how are you going to do that? Where do you find the materials and the patterns? How do you begin?

That’s where we come in. Whether you’re here to learn about these beautiful sets – for example, what do all those pieces mean and why are they in different colors? – or if you are thinking about making a set or two for your church, we can help. We'll supply you with patterns, material, trim or complete sewing kits if you prefer.

Or say you don’t have the sewing skills to make the set yourself, but you can’t afford the high-dollar liturgical sets. We can help there as well, providing custom-made, complete sets for a reasonable price.

Looking for church supplies such as holy water, incense or anointing oils? At Everything Vestment we now carry those as well. Plus we have a wide selection of Christian jewelry from the Holy Land.

Are you having trouble scraping together the money to pay for those sets? Check back with us soon. We will have several fundraiser ideas to help you get the funds together for your sets.

So check out our site. Linger for a while. We truly have everything you want to know about these beautiful liturgical garments.

Thanks for stopping by!

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