How to Sew Vestments

How to Sew Vestments - Step by Step Instructions on how to make vestments including making your own patterns by Lynne Green and Sue Merriam.

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This handy reference guide provides you with everything you need to make a chasuble, stole, maniple, burse and veil in the Gothic style.

Plus, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your own custom-made patterns. No more worries about getting the fit right!

How to Sew Vestments is a boon for those making vestment sets for priests of unusual sizes.

If you have ever wanted to make a full vestment set, this helpful book will prove an invaluable tool, whether you plan to make and sell vestments, or just want to make a set or two for your church.

Buy the e-book, available only from Everything Vestment for just $10.95, a savings of almost 40 percent of the paperback cover price!

Great Benefits Include:

  • Save money when you make it yourself.
  • Step by step instructions in your hands, whenever you need them.
  • Sewing basics.

Plus, lots of photographs, diagrams, and useful information on:

  • Preparing your own custom-made patterns.
  • Choosing the right fabric
  • Cutting out the pieces
  • Preparing the chasuble, stole, burse, veil and maniple
  • Finding the materials you need.

The patterns you will learn to make include: Chasuble pattern, stole pattern, maniple pattern, burse pattern and veil pattern as well as the important measurements you should make.

About the Authors:

Lynne Green is co-writer and head seamstress of the How to Sew Vestments Book, Lynne has made hundreds of vestment sets.


Sue Merriam is the co-writer of the website Everything Vestment and has been a writer for more than twenty years.

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