How to Make a Cope

Learn how to make a cope and you can save money while providing quality cope vestments for your church or parish.   It isn’t hard to make a cope, but it is big, so you’ll need plenty of clean floor space.  Here are the steps.

Materials needed for our cope vestments are four yards of fabric, four yards of lining and four yards of trim for each cope you make.

Step One: Prepare the Pattern

The first step in learning how to make a cope, especially if you are using a pattern from Everything Vestment is to assemble the pattern. 

Normally we provide complete patterns, but because this pattern is so large, it comes in two large pieces that must be lined up and taped together. 

Cut the cope pattern pieces A and B out, line them up and tape them together.

(You can purchase our pattern here)

Step Two: Cut out the Cope Piece
and the Cope Lining Piece

The next step in learning how to make a cope is to cut out the pieces.  You will need to take your fabric, open it up if necessary and then fold it over long-ways so that it is doubled, placing it either on an incredibly large table or the floor. The fabric will look like the image on the left.

Pin your taped-together cope pattern to the fabric.  Cut.  The end result will one complete cope piece that looks like the piece Mom is modeling. 

Next you will need to cut the cope lining piece in same way.  Unfold the fabric, double it over like you did the vestment fabric, pin the cope pattern piece onto the fabric and cut.

Step Three:  Stitch the Cope Pieces

The next step in learning how to make a cope is to stitch the cope piece to the lining piece.  Pin the two pieces, right sides together and stitch, leaving the neck edge open.  Turn the cope piece right side out and press.

Step Four:  Cut Out the
Ornamental Hood Pieces

Next you will need to cut out the ornamental hood and hood lining pieces.  Take a piece of fabric and fold it in half.  Pin the hood pattern onto the fabric, placing it on the fold according to the pattern directions.  Cut.  Do the same with the hood lining piece.

The end hood piece will look like this. 

If you plan to decorate your hood with trim, now is the time.  Pin the trim to the right side of the hood piece and stitch.

How to Make a Cope
Step Five: Making the
Ornamental Hood

Next you need to stitch the hood and lining pieces together.  Pin them, right sides together and stitch.  You will need to clip the pointed end of the hood.  Otherwise, it won't lay flat when you turn it right side out.  Turn the hood right side out and press.  Turn the raw edges of the hood inside about half an inch and press.

Now you need to sew the ornamental hood to the cope.  Pin the lining side of the hood to the right side of the cope, right sides together.  Stitch. 

Then hand stitch the fabric piece of the hood to the inside of the cope as shown.  Stitch.

Buy a Cope Pattern Here

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