Holy Land Rosaries

Holy Land Rosaries that are listed here are all exquisitely made with attention to detail. These beautiful rosaries recognize the strong Christian - Jewish/Israeli friendship based on our common Judeo-Christian heritage.

These fabulous rosaries from Jerusalem comes in a wide variety of styles. They are all quality products made by native artists from Bethlehem and Jerusalem who have developed their craft over many generations.

We hope you enjoy these Holy Land Rosaries from Jerusalem. Each time you carry one of these Rosaries, it will feel as if you are carrying a piece of the Holy Land itself, the land where Christ walked!


Sparkling Turquoise Rosary with Jerusalem Cross

These perfectly cut glass beads with luminescent turquoise colors are hand painted.

This rosary is of a charming design that provides grace and movement for prayers. It also makes a beautiful necklace.

Every bead is one of a kind and is carefully assembled on a silver metal chain. A beautiful detailed Jerusalem Cross is placed in the centerpiece with an Ornate Crucifix stamped Jerusalem on the back.

The beads are of lustrous fascinating colors that have a magnetic warmth that are practically glowing. They will turn smoothly in your fingers. Hand made in the Holy Land in the Bethlehem area by local Christian craftsmen.

Cost is $24.99 plus shipping and handling.

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Jerusalem Rose Petals Rosary

Open this Rosary box and a bouquet of sweet fragrance of roses will linger softly in the air!

Made of crushed Rose-Petals then converted into large beads and carefully assembled into gorgeous Rosary on silver tone metal chain.

A beautiful detailed "Jerusalem Cross" is placed in the centerpiece with an detailed ornate Crucifix engraved with 'Jerusalem' in the back.

They come in to you boxed in assorted Holy Pictures from the Holy Land and includes the "Story of the Scented Rosary" in English and Spanish.

Cost is $18.99

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