Deacon Stole Kit For Sale

Deacon stole kit for sale. This kit has everything you need to make a gorgeous deacon's stole. The kit includes instructions, a pattern, sufficient vestment fabric, canvas inset, lining, embroidered crosses and fringe.

What This Kit Contains

  • Fabric
  • Satin for lining
  • canvas for inset
  • 2 Roman crosses
  • 1 1-inch cross
  • fringe
  • pattern and instructions

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Not Sure How to Make a Stole?

Making a deacon's stole is not a complicated process, but there are tricks to making a professional-looking deacon's stole. To learn how to make a stole, click here.

Did You Know...

The role of deacon in the church is a ministry generally associated with service to the church. The service can be in the form of clerical work or laity work.

One of the first deacons of the early church was Saint Stephen, who helped with charitable work and who later became the first Christian martyr.

Female deacons, also sometimes called deaconesses, have been involved with the church since at least the early part of the second century AD. In the modern Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican churches, deacons help priests by declaring the Gospel, preach, help with administering the Eucharist and serving the poor and the outcast.

In the early Roman Catholic Church, only seminarians completing the last year or so of graduate theological training could be ordained as deacons. But since the Second Vatican Council, candidates now go through a year of prayerful preparation and four or five years of study to become deacons.

Apart from Saint Stephen, other famous deacons include Phoebe, Philip who baptized the Ethiopian eunuch as recounted in Acts 8:26-40, Saint Lawrence who was an early Roman martyr, and Saint Francis of Assisi who founded the Franciscan order.

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