Hold a Church Dinner Fundraiser
To Pay For Those Vestments

A church dinner fundraiser is an excellent way to raise the additional funds necessary for those much-needed vestment sets. You need the extra sets, but you're reluctant to once again ask your congregation for more money.

Instead, why not offer something of value to the community while raising the necessary funds at the same time? That's where the church dinner fundraiser can come in. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Open It To The Community

Not only will you reap greater profits, you also provide a great way to share your faith and meet new people. So be sure to invite not only members of your church to your fundraiser, but members of the community as well.

Find a Snappy Theme

People will be more likely to attend a fundraiser if the food offered is something they can't readily find elsewhere. So provide something unusual such as German or Irish food or a catfish feed.

Look for Donations

The less you pay for the costs, the more successful your fundraiser will be. So visit your local grocers in person and ask if they would be willing to make tax deductible donations in exchange for recognition and thanks in the church bulletin, as well as on signs you plan to post at the dinner.

A good rule of thumb is to charge at least double what the meal cost you or would have cost you had you not gotten donations. Also take into consideration the type of food you are offering and what restaurants and fast food placess would charge.

For example, if you estimate that the meal cost $2.50 per person, then you should charge at least $5 per person. Since a meal at the local fast food place is about $6 including a drink, $6.50 or even $7 per person would not be unreasonable.

Appoint a Publicity Chairman

Have a volunteer write up a press release for the local newspapers and radio stations, and have volunteers post flyers in local grocery stores and other places to notify people in the community about your church dinner fundraiser.

Throw in Some Entertainment

Do you have a good-sized choir? Or do you have a large - and adorable - number of children? Have them prepare a performance for your fundraiser.

Print Tickets

And then sell them either in advance or at the door. You can either order them online or have them printed locally.

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