Vestments in the Christian Use

Vestments in the Christian use has, for the last 1800 years, been used to denote the clothing, uniform, etc., worn by the Christian Clergy in the performance of their sacred duties. The word "Vestment" is derived from the Latin, and signifies simply clothing.

Set Apart

Vestments are, according to the teaching of the One, Holy, Catholic (Universal) and Apostolic Church, a sacramental; that is, they are, like so many other objects, set apart -blessed by the Church for the sole purpose of Christian use at Divine Worship.

They are the attire of the Ordained Clergy: Subdeacon, Deacon, Priest and Bishop, when he is exercising the functions of his Ministerial Office and using the Sacred Powers which he received at his Ordination or Episcopal Consecration.

Ever Present Example of Old Testament Christian Use

While there are no direct or "Divine command" penned into the New Testament concerning the Vesture to be worn by the Ordained Clergy of the Church, it is not unnatural that such an example and ever present use of the Old Testament Divine Worship should influence the Church of the New Testament.

The Holy Apostles and Early Church Fathers, having come from Jewish roots or having been educated in the ancient Liturgical life of the Hebrews, knew without a doubt that what we today call "Liturgical Worship" was the rule of Worship.

There is abundant evidence in existence which witnesses to the use of Priestly Vestments at a very early period in the Church's life.

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