Burse Boards

Burse boards are essential to making a proper burse. These eight-inch squares are made from Masonite hardboard, cut specially for Everything Vestments. Each square is eight inches wide and eight inches in length – the perfect size for making a burse.

To make a proper burse, you need a material that is easy to work with and yet provides stiffness. These boards are the perfect solution. By following the instructions we have provided on this website, you can make a burse for all of your vestment sets.

Cost is $5 per pair.
Please note: If you are ordering a vestment set kit, a pair of burse boards are already included in your set.

What is a Burse?

Essentially, the burse is a flat, square book that is made from fabric that holds the corporal, a square white linen cloth used on the altar during the celebration of Mass. This liturgical item is used to carry the corporal to and from the altar. It is made in the same color as the vestments.

The vestment burse is an essential part of the full vestment set.

When Making This

In addition to the boards, you will need a yard of liturgical fabric, half a yard of matching satin and a 12-inch piece of quilt batting.

If you're not sure how to make a burse to go along with your full vestment set, our expert seamstress Lynne Green shows you how on this page.

Ready to Purchase?

You can purchase a pair of these boards by clicking here.

Would You Rather Purchase a Custom-Made Burse?

If you would rather have this liturgical item custom-made to go with your vestment set, our expert seamstress, Lynne Green, can make one for you. Lynne has years of experience making vestments and would be happy to make a burse, as well as a chasuble, stole, veil and maniple.

You can contact Lynne by clicking here

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